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Once more unto the breach…

Newest links are at the bottom of each section.

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Just throwing this out there, I’m still looking for more links for the linkdump.

Right now I’m particularly looking for any articles or blog posts on how SOPA and PIPA will affect fandoms, particularly fan fiction, fan art, and cosplay.

I’d also like links to any posts or articles on how SOPA and PIPA could affect review blogs. (I can see how, but I need something to back me up on it.)

And lastly additional blogs or articles on how SOPA will affect gamers are welcome.

(I’m Googling and I’m turning up zilch so I figure Tumblr will halp!)


Be grateful it’s not forever. It’s only for 12 hours. You’ll live. (Mobile Wikipedia is still up if you seriously need it that badly.)

Here’s a metric fuckton of links to help you understand why you’re making me so angry by just bitching and bagging Wikipedia and other sites and not getting why they’re doing this despite all their efforts to help you ungrateful bunch understand.

Just…aaaaargh. You people have no idea, do you? Do you even KNOW what this means for the Internet? IT. MEANS. NO. WIKIPEDIA. FOREVER. That means you’re not going to have this amazing site to help you with your homework anymore because some asshole in a country thousands of miles away doesn’t like all the copyrighted content being posted up there.

It means no more fandom.

It means severely neutered social media.

It means that you could be banned from dozens of sites for posting or linking to copyrighted content.

It means the end of so many of your favorite websites, like Reddit, deviantART, fan wikis, even possibly game review sites and fan forums.

It means that you and your friends could face felony charges and up to 5 years’ imprisonment for posting or linking to copyrighted content.

How many of you post images? Videos? Links to other pages? How much of that content is copyrighted?

Yeah. Why aren’t you scared and angry?

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Another giant linkdump - all previous links, plus new ones.

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Softlayer: How The Internet Works And How SOPA Would Break It (pretty good, and not too technical-jargon-heavy)

Thirteen: Op-Ed: SOPA Is A Threat To NYC’s Growing Tech Industry (not just NYC’s - every city across the US is under threat.)

The Atlantic: SOPA Is A Symbol Of The Movie Industry’s Failure To Innovate (and not just the movie industry)

Themeefy: Stop SOPA! Save the Internet! (A cute Flash slideshow of links and Tweets about SOPA.)

Pro Publica: Where Do Your Members of Congress Stand on SOPA and PIPA? (good resource for those in the US who want to contact their representatives.)

Little Gamers: SOPA means ‘trash’ in Swedish (finally, a webcomic takes a stand! LG also did a nice little comic on it, in their usual acidic tongue-in-cheek manner.)

Strike Against SOPA (petition urging websites to black out on January 18th against SOPA, also listing sites that are going to black out)

Here is a list of sites definitely going to black out against SOPA:

If you know of any others and can provide a link to their announcement, please let me know, I’ll post it.

    Sites that should join in the blackout:

    • Facebook - can you imagine the backlash?
    • deviantART
    • Fanfiction.net
    • LiveJournal
    • Google+ and Google Image Search (obviously Google can’t shut down everything - many businesses rely on Gmail, Docs, and Checkout to do business; Google owns Youtube and Blogger so they could do a blackout or some form of awareness-raising)
    • Photobucket
    • Twitter
    • Wikipedia
    • all fan wikis, fansites and fan forums (e.g. Wookiepedia, WoWpedia, etc.)
    • Pitchfork Media
    • any and all review blogs
    • all Let’s Play and video review producers
    • Rooster Teeth
    • Penny Arcade (remember the Strawberry Shortcake controvery? Yeah. Now think what would happen under SOPA. Not pretty.)
    • ThinkGeek (perhaps not a complete blackout but some form of awareness-raising)
    • TopatoCo (or change their front page, anyway)
    • Amazon.com (again, not a total blackout - but awareness-raising of some sort)
    • Kotaku
    • Machinima.com
    • Wondermark
    • Diesel Sweeties
    • chainsawsuit
    • PC Gamer
    • Wired
    • Tumblr (come on, it’s only 12 hours! You can survive!)
    • Tindeck

    If you have any other sites to suggest, please add them to the Strike Against SOPA petition.


    This is my master linkdump for today of SOPA and PIPA articles, statements, etc.

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    DemandProgress: petition urging Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation to participate in the Jan 18 blackout (the more sites that can participate, the better)

    VentureBeat: If SOPA passes, we’re as much to blame as Congress and Hollywood (many good points made; we need to stop being complacent and start taking real action. Changing an avatar or adding a banner to your site doesn’t do much. But representatives can’t ignore mountains of angry letters, inboxes full of angry emails, and phones ringing off the hook with demands to end their support for SOPA and PIPA. Nor can they ignore crowds of protestors showing them just how many people don’t want the bill passed.)

    Facebook: Stop Internet Censorship by Protesting SOPA event (I’m participating; will you? If you don’t have Facebook, urge those that you know who do to participate.)

    Geek: How To Bypass SOPA Restrictions (see? It’s already been proven to be about as useful as a chocolate hammer)

    WTAQ - Author of online piracy bill vows not to buckle (Challenge accepted.)


    Because it’s on 11am and I haven’t given up and wandered off to play Arkham City yet.

    Tech2: Reddit declares blackout on Jan 18 to protest SOPA (did I already post this? Well, here it is again.)

    Forbes: If Facebook Won’t Stop SOPA, We Can Do It For Them (I think all the complacent and uninformed would sit up and notice if Facebook’s logo suddenly had a black bar over it. And perhaps for a day they could disallow posting of links and uploading of images and videos, or replace all thumbnails with the SOPA image. And provide information on what’s going on - that’s always important.)

    Mashable: I Can Has Cheezburger Turns 5, Plans To Go Black To Protest SOPA (this covers the entire Cheezburger Network, which is a LOT of sites - and Cheezburger will lose revenue but they don’t seem to be scared. C’mon, Facebook - you guys make enough money per year that a 24-hour outage is nothing)

    ReadWriteWeb: Tech Company PACs Donate to SOPA/PIPA Sponsors (well guess who I’m not buying from until SOPA and PIPA are dead)

    ReadWriteWeb: Will Reddit’s SOPA Blackout Make A Difference? (Very well-written and many good points. They do need more quote-unquote mainstream sites on board like Facebook and Google. Granted, with the services Google provides they can’t do a total blackout - their services are very widely needed - but black bars on their logo and perhaps a stop to image and video searching for a day would make people sit up and take notice.)

    Free Expression: Five Questions With Jack Balkin (Jack Balkin is a Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School. He sounds like he really knows his stuff. Third question is on SOPA. Very good for those looking for information on the legality of SOPA/PIPA.)

    Mashable: Soapy: Can This Plugin Kill SOPA? (I have yet to try Soapy. Use it at your own risk - and let me know what your results are! If it works nicely I might just grab it.)

    Nvidia Does Not Support SOPA (I’m waiting to see if AMD/ATI come out over this - or other hardware companies.)

    Joystiq: Runic Games stands against SOPA (another developer! Still waiting on Valve’s opinion, as well as 2K, Rockstar, etc.)

    IGX: Team Meat: “If SOPA passes everyone should boycott and pirate everything by the companies pushing it through.” (I am so buying Super Meat Boy.)

    Discount ASP: An open letter to the hosting industry (it’s crucial for hosts to stand against SOPA and PIPA - they are one of the groups who stand to lose the most from it)

    TruthOut: Stop Online Piracy Act Debate Highlights Congress’ Ignorance (read it)

    Motherboard: Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works (this article practically went viral during and after the debate)

    Mashable: Nuke The Net: How To Get The Mainstream Talking About SOPA (I know I already reblogged the link but here it is again!)

    Mashable: Facebook and Google Team Up To Fight The E-Parasite Act

    Fight For The Future (created by Tumblr)

    I Work For The Internet (a site created by people whose jobs rely heavily on the Internet; I am amazed and shocked to not see Rooster Teeth up there, or any webcomic artists that I know)

    Reddit: These 61 Senators are refusing to meet with their constituents before the critical Jan 24 vote on SOPA/PIPA (oh, are they? Well, you know what that means - REDDITBOMB TIME! Call, email, send letters, bury them under mountains of demands to meet. They can’t ignore the Internet.

    I want this to be their reaction:


    Frequency: SOPA Explained By The Guardian (video)

    Tucows: Why We Don’t Like SOPA (you can add Tucows to the list of sites and companies against SOPA)

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    Inc.: Inside the Fight Against SOPA

    Inc.: Three More Reasons SOPA Ought To Scare You (includes statement that Inc.com is against SOPA)

    BoingBoing: How SOPA Will Destroy Internet Security (here’s my beserk button again…deep breaths, Dart…)

    BoingBoing: SOPA And Everyday Americans (if you think it doesn’t affect you, newsflash - IT DOES)

    BoingBoing: WTF Is Happening With SOPA Now? (ILY Cory Doctorow. ILY forever. LET ME LOVE YOU. Ahem. No I’m not fangirling over someone I’ve only ever heard of because of his politics opinions, what made you think that?)

    Stanford Law Review: Don’t Break The Internet

    Fractured Atlas: The Wrong Way To Protect IP (Fractured Atlas is also against SOPA)

    TechDirt: Jon Stewart Promises To Study Up On SOPA (finally, some mainstream TV coverage…I can hope, can’t I?)

    The New York Times: The Danger Of An Attack On Piracy Online

    Act.ly petition for Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Amazon to join in the SOPA Blackout Day (Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation are still considering; Tumblr already did something but I don’t know how much awareness it raised - I didn’t see it, anyway. I would suggest adding deviantART, Fanfiction.net, AdultFanFiction.net, LiveJournal and deli.cious to the petition, as they will also be directly affected by SOPA. Fansites as well like ModTheSims and The Sims Resource, Curse.com, if you can think of any others go for it.)

    ExtremeTech: Boycott SOPA: An Android app that terrifies publishers and politicians (good for anyone with an Android phone or device; pity there isn’t one available for iOS and Windows Mobile)

    As always, if you have any additions or corrects for the next linkdump, please drop them in my askbox.


    League of Legends opposes SOPA

    The Word of Notch - Mojang Has Never Supported SOPA

    Both Marvel and DC Comics Support SOPA (this makes me INCREDIBLY disappointed in them; I’m thinking no Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises for me this year. I don’t want to support them. Sorry, I love the Internet slightly more than I love Avengers or Batman.)

    Gizmodo - list of companies supporting SOPA

    Riot Games is against SOPA

    Epic Games is against SOPA

    Nintendo, EA and Sony drop support for SOPA (unconfirmed; some still claim that Sony technically supports through the parent company, not sure about EA or Nintendo. Need more confirmation.)

    Over 40 Internet Companies Come Out Against SOPA (including Tumblr)

    The BSA drops support of SOPA (also unconfirmed; they didn’t explicitly say they don’t support it, just that it ‘needs work’. I don’t consider that a show of non-support.)

    Liquisoft - SOPA is bad for deviantART

    GoDaddy has NOT withdrawn support for SOPA (even after they lost over 37,000 domains)

    Daily Kos: Protect IP/SOPA And The Impact It Will Have On Industries And Jobs

    Copyblogger: The Problem With SOPA (And How To Stop It)

    Hitler Reacts To SOPA (ahhhh…the old Downfall remix video…)

    TrendMicro: Unintended Consequences: How SOPA could threaten Internet security (I would not interpret this as a statement against SOPA by TrendMicro, but they are right; DNS poisoning is a popular attack to steal passwords and other identifying information, and browsers will not be able to tell the difference between a SOPA/PIPA block and a poisoned DNS. DNSSEC has already been widely deployed anyway, so there’s going to be trouble. It’s not explicitly stated that DNSSEC and proxies are illegal, but they’re illegal by implication in that they allow for circumvention of SOPA.)

    TechDirt: Former DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Assistant Secretary Stewart Baker on SOPA 2.0: Still A Disaster For Cybersecurity (no comment is required - DNSSEC is there to help people, in a much bigger way than piracy. Identity theft and credit card fraud are, to me, much greater threats than piracy. DNSSEC is one of the few effective ways beyond flat-out paranoia to stop DNS poisoning attacks.)

    TechDirt: MC Hammer and Tim Berners-Lee hate SOPA

    Wil Wheaton speaks out against SOPA (He was also quite vocal about it on Twitter)

    Adam Savage: SOPA Could Destroy The Internet As We Know It